The second best white house

For us, there's nothing better than living with 54 of your best friends. Though our house serves chapter purposes, we can't help but call it home. There's nothing better than sitting on our balcony swing, hanging out on our patio, or chatting with our sisters in the sitting room! Our house sits three stories tall; when you go through recruitment, be sure to be on the look out for the second best white house in the country!



Fun Fridays

Every Friday, our Fun Friday Chair and her committee puts on a themed "Fun Friday" for our members to enjoy a free lunch meal at the house prepared by our chefs. Some of our past fun Fridays have included a “Friends” theme, S’mores, Senior Send Off, Halloween and others.


new Years Party

Alumnae easter egg hunt

In the beginning of the spring semester, our house manager throws a New Years party for all of our sisters. We love to catch up with one another after being apart over the Winter Break with food and, of course, photos.

Every Spring, our alumni chair and house manager plan the Alumnae Easter Egg Hunt. This is an event for alumnae to come back to 4010 W. Lakeshore, remember good times and bring their families for fun at the Zeta house.