Delta Kappa hosts/attends multiple events throughout the year, including Crown Formal, Spring and Fall GRUB, Semi-Formal, Family Crawfish Boil, Homecoming Brunch, Mother Daughter Tea, Daddy Daughter Day, exchanges, and more!


crown formal

Crown Formal is a celebration of the academic year in late spring. New members wear white and enjoy a delicious meal with their sisters, dates, and parents before awards are presented. Seniors are recognized and mothers or fathers present their new member daughters to the chapter. Later, a live band takes the stage while ZTA's dance, and a photographer takes photos throughout the night!

Spring grub

Spring Grub was “The World According to Zeta”. The event was held at Parc 73 during the afternoon. Different countries were stationed around the park, and members were able to enjoy cuisines from each of the countries and activities with them. Our members and their dates dressed up in their best tourist outfits and listened to music while enjoying being with their sisters!

Fall grub

GRUB stands for "Girls Round Up Boys." ZTA's and their dates dress up in costumes according to the selected theme at a Baton Rouge venue in the fall. In the fall of 2018, the GRUB theme was Decades, and it was held at night at the Varsity Theater.

White violet Semi-formal

White Violet Semi-Formal is a date function held in the fall at a different Baton Rouge venue every year. In the fall of 2018, it was held at The Varsity, and it was full of music, dancing and fur coats.