A Closer Look: The 2017 Recruitment Team


Hey y'all! Iā€™m Courtney: a senior majoring in kinesiology and the current VP3 of the Delta Kappa chapter. 

To me, recruitment is one of the most crucial parts of a sorority. Through recruitment we get the opportunity to meet wonderful women who may become our sisters, and even if they don't, they become our friends. We are always looking for the noblest women to join our chapter and continue the legacy we have created.

Although recruitment may seem intimidating and scary (trust me, I know how it feels), it is also a once in a life time experience where you meet some wonderful women in our community. I have always been extremely close to my family, so it was important for me to find my home away home. Through Zeta I have been able to find that and so much more, and for that I am forever thankful.

I wanted to share a little bit about my wonderful assistants helping me make everything possible; take a closer look!


Victoria: As the only freshman on the team, Victoria helps the team tremendously! Not only is she eager to learn more about recruitment, but she is eager to share her new and refreshing ideas! She has been so successful with being CROWN chair, and I am so proud of her for that!


Aleah: Aleah is very upbeat and ready for the challenge! With such a positive attitude, she is ready to take formal recruitment head on! As a senior, she is a tremendous help by keeping everything in order and making sure people stay on track!

Taylor: Although Taylor may seem shy at first, she has been so eager to share her ideas and help me out so much! She is a rising star and ready to take on any task! Oh, and her organization helps a lot too!!

Danielle: Danielle is a caring person with an adorable personality! She has a great eye for fashion and precision, which is why she knows exactly what she is looking for in recruitment! 

Mary: With her sassiness and fearless attitude, Mary is a huge asset to this team! She knows how to get down to business when need be but also knows how to have tons of fun! Her previous experience on recruitment team is a huge help and makes her irreplaceable!


Caitlyn:  Caitlyn is a small girl with a huge heart! She is hard working as my assistant and works even harder in school! You go girl! She is always more than ready to offer a helping hand and share her kindness with the team! 

Dana: Dana is an assistant with fantastic energy and a great sense of humor! She loves to have fun and keep everything up beat! Her ideas add a new insight, and as a future teacher, she can keep the organization when things get chaotic!

Morgan: Morgan is sunshine on a rainy day! She always brightens the room with her positive attitude and creative ideas. No matter what may be happening, she is always around to help in any way she can! Her dedication to Zeta and the team is one like no other! 

Delta Kappa