Best Buddies: A Bond that can Never be Broken


Within the past two years, I have redefined what friendship looks like to me, simply by surrounding myself with a community of people who embody it so well.


Best Buddies at Louisiana State University is where it all began. This group of people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities see no color when it comes to friendship. They see each other for exactly who they are - human. I have grown to realize myself, that we should all strive to look at one another the same way that they do. Friendship should have no limitations, nor does it see a disability. We can learn so much from them, as they have surpassed so many by their ability to simply be a true friend to one another. This is what Best Buddies is all about. It encourages all to foster friendships with those who have IDD and understand that they are more capable than most at loving and living life to the fullest!


This group of buddies I now call my own friends, are the reason I became passionate enough to apply for a summer internship at Best Buddies International Headquarters. It is something I never imagined myself doing, but am so glad that I did. I know that from this opportunity I will be able to expand my knowledge as my love for this organization grows even stronger!


For the next two months, I get to see the mission in action as we prepare for the 30th International Leadership Conference hosted in Bloomington, Indiana where thousands of leaders, ambassadors and volunteers gather from around the world to communicate and better understand how they can promote positive change in their own communities. My role is to work closely with the headquarters staff in Miami, Florida learning the system and understanding the logistics of conference, so that it runs smoothly and in turn makes an even greater impact. I am now a part of a team that works tirelessly to ensure the mission of Best Buddies is a part of everything we do. In only a short few days of being on the job, I have felt the infectious spirit that lives within Best Buddies.


I always thought that one day, I would look at my life and think to myself that I didn’t need any more friends, that I had everyone I could ever need. I now look forward, knowing that friendship is something I can never give or get enough of. There are so many incredible people just waiting to be a part of our lives and my heart is so open!


Thank you, Best Buddies International and Best Buddies LSU, for letting be a part of something greater than myself and thank you Zeta Tau Alpha, for reminding me always that love is the greatest of all things!

Delta Kappa