THinking about recruitment?

Delta Kappa participates in both Spring Informal Recruitment and Fall Formal Recruitment, as well as a continuous open bidding program called CROWN (Continue Recruiting Outstanding Women Now). We are always looking to recruit the best and brightest women; and as our open motto states: we seek the noblest!

If you have any questions regarding recruitment, feel free to contact our recruitment chair at



Molly Forsythe

Vice president of Membership

Hey y’all! I am Molly Forsythe, and I am the Vice President of Membership for Zeta Tau Alpha here at LSU! I am honored to serve this position and the sorority that has given me so much Zeta Tau Alpha has helped me grow in ways I never imagined like teaching me what it means to be a leader and helping me form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Transitioning into college can be overwhelming, and through joining a sorority, you will be embraced by a group of women that will be there every step of the way. I hope you will find a home away from home like I did with Zeta Tau Alpha. I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

If you have any questions, please visit the Greek Life website through LSU or email me at!


cameron foil

“When I went through recruitment, all I ever wanted was to have not only a group of friends to count on but sisters to make lifetime memories with. Thanks to Zeta these wishes and many more came true. After meeting Zeta women, it wasn’t very hard to decide what group of girls I wanted to spend my next four years with.”


anna claire brock

“I chose Zeta because it meant more to me than a sorority. My Aunt, Mom, and sister found a home in ZTA, and I did too.”


kathryn kitto

“Zeta makes me feel at home because I know that there is always someone there that I can talk to. I know that if I had a rough day, I can always go to Zeta, and there will always be someone there to cheer me up!”


victoria jones

“I chose Zeta because I knew I was being accepted for who I was on the inside and what makes me the person I am. There is so much diversity in our chapter, and that is something I saw early on during recruitment and am proud to embrace now as a member!”


Hannah bullen

“I chose Zeta because I felt like I could be myself every time I stepped in our house. I never had to put on a front or worry what others thought about me because I knew Zeta accepted me for who I was since day one.”


Emily Brossette

“ZTA is so much more than just letters on your shirt; it is the friendships you form and the amazing people you get to meet throughout your years as a Zeta.”


Teddi rayborn

“The girls of Zeta are what make me feel at home when I walk through those doors. I can walk in Zeta looking like a mess, and I know no one will care. I know that they will be there to pick me up when I’m down and celebrate with me for the highs of my life.”


Claire parish

“I chose Zeta because I knew I wanted to hangout with the girls I met during recruitment for the rest of my life and not just that week.”


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