THinking about recruitment?

Delta Kappa participates in both Spring Informal Recruitment and Fall Formal Recruitment, as well as a continuous open bidding program called CROWN (Continue Recruiting Outstanding Women Now). We are always looking to recruit the best and brightest women; and as our open motto states: we seek the noblest!

If you have any questions regarding recruitment, feel free to contact our recruitment chair at



Victoria Jones

Vice president of Membership

Hey y’all! My name is Victoria Jones, and I am the Vice President of Membership for Zeta Tau Alpha at Louisiana State University! I am so honored to serve my chapter and am incredibly excited for this upcoming year. I have always had a passion for recruitment and love that I can give back by preparing our chapter for Fall Recruitment. My job requires a lot of hard work, but watching our members grow throughout the year, as a chapter and as individuals, makes it such a rewarding one!

If you have any questions, please visit the Greek Life website through LSU or email me at!


Molly Forsythe

Crown chair

“Molly is my go-to gal. She is so devoted to her job as CROWN chair and as an assistant and I can always count on her to give me her own perspective. She keeps things interesting and every team needs a little spunk like hers!”



Caitlyn Williams

“This is Caitlyn’s second year on recruitment team, so her knowledge and organization is my saving grace. She is always willing to work with others and has done wonders for Zeta in her years!”


Taylor Whitworth

“As Taylor’s second year on the recruitment team, she bring so much life to our chapter. She has such a great energy and is so fun to work with. Her smile really shows how much she enjoys being a Zeta!”


Kaylee Knuppel

“Kaylee is just as amazing this year as an assistant as she was last year as a recruiter. She is confident in everything she does and says, and is such a personable human. I can always rely on her to step up to the plate.” 


Samantha hebert

“Sam has always had a love for recruitment and it has definitely shown this year on the team. She speaks her mind and truly cares about the image of our chapter, which makes her such a loyal and an amazing assistant!”


Anna claire brock

“Anna Claire is always on top of her game. Being the only freshman on the team, she brings a lot of new ideas, but I know she is always eager to learn more about recruitment, which gives me confidence for her future as a Zeta.” 


Emily Brossette

“Emily has a heart of gold and so much passion for the future of the Delta Kappa chapter. This makes her such a key assistant, because she can really relate so well to our members during the recruitment process.” 


Alexandra Medina

“Alex brings so much zest to our team. She is always keeping a positive attitude and really brings her efforts to the table as an assistant. She is such a genuine person and I love how committed she is to her job!”