Meet our 2017 Executive Council!



President: Mary Katherine Arotin


Junior Chemical Engineering Major

"My favorite Zeta memory is becoming Zeta sisters with my Mom. It was a very special moment for me when she passed down the drop letters she received when she became a member. The drop letters, and the meaning behind them, will forever hold a special place in my heart."

VP1/Committee Coordinator: 

Jess Signorelli


Junior Mechanical Engineering Major

"What I love most about ZTA is this organization's capacity to shape and empower the women who accept a bid. The opportunities that ZTA has provided for me and the women that it has brought into my life have allowed me to grow and learn more than I could have ever imagined."

VP2/New Member Coordinator: Kailyn Kitto


Junior Biology Major

"My favorite part about Zeta is getting to go downstairs at 5:30 every night and eat dinner with all of my best friends. We laugh, we vent, and sometimes we cry, but I know I’ll miss these nights the most when I look back at my time in Zeta."
ec pic.jpg.jpeg

VP3/Membership Coordinator: 

Courtney Phillips


Senior Kinesiology Major

"My favorite Zeta memories are late nights staying up laughing and bonding with my little Sami and my big Morgan!"
Louis Ojeda


Alexandra Angelle


Junior Accounting Major

"My favorite zeta memory was being able to go to convention this summer. It was such an amazing experience to get to meet and learn from Zeta collegiates and alumni from all over the country. I really found a deep seeded love and respect for Zeta Tau Alpha and my sisterhood. I was also so blessed to receive a scholarship from the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation!"
Rose Yang

Public Relations/Historian:

Taylor Oliver


Junior Digital Advertising Major with minors in Business and Visual Communication

"Zeta is there for me when I'm having my roughest days. I love living with my sisters because no matter what room I'm in, I'm with my friends!"
Margaret Takahashi


Evans Dyason


Sophomore Kinesiology Major

"My favorite thing about ZTA is our silliness. We play jokes on each other, and have so many inside jokes. There's never a dull moment!"
Katherine Bennett

Academic Achievement: 

Alysia Descoteaux


Junior Public Relations Major with a minor in Business Administration

"I love that every day I get to learn how to be a leader and grow as a person with the help of my sisters. If it weren't for my sisters, I don't know what I would be doing or where I would be right now!"
Kimberly Brown

Risk Reduction & Education: 

Caroline Duclaux


Sophomore Kinesiology Major

"ZTA connects me to so many wonderful women. My grandmother was a ZTA (Delta nu founder) and it was something I never knew until I had joined ZTA. ZTA is something that lasts a lifetime and the memories and connection you make stay with you forever. My gma still talks about the wonderful times she had as a ZTA and still remains friends with all her sisters she met when she was a ZTA and I cant wait to have the same lifetime experience. ZTA isn't just for college, its forever."
Daniel Aiko

House Manager: Leilah Alkadi


Junior Biology Major

"My favorite ZTA memory would have to be my big/little reveal; my big had a broken foot and was wearing a boot, but she took it off and tricked me during reveal because i couldnt see the boot."
Katherine Howard

Secretary: Brooke Wade


Sophomore Petroleum Engineering Major

"There is always someone who has your back in ZTA. You always have a sister to watch TV with. If you need to be picked up from the library at 2 AM, there is always a sister willing to come get you. If you missed the bus and need a ride to class, a sister will give you one. If you had a bad day, there is always a sister there to cheer you up. The bond that we have with our sisters makes them feel like family."


Sara Zhao

Panhellenic Delegate: Katie Blunt


Junior Sociology Major

"My favorite memory is my freshman year bid day when we all jumped into a pool on a bid day!"