Meet our 2019 Executive Council!

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Sarah Elliot


Senior ISDS and entrepreneurship major


Vice President of Programming: 

Loren Draper


Junior mass communication major, concentration in Journalism, Pre-Law


Vice President of New Member Education: 

Bobbi Thompson


Senior biology major with a minor in psychology, Pre-PA


Vice President of Recruitment and Membership: 

Molly Forsythe


Senior elementary education major


Vice President of Philanthropy: 

Corinne Chandler


Junior political communication and social work major

Katherine Howard


Marissa Rovira


Junior kinesiology major, Pre-PA




Caroline Marse


Junior biology major

Rose Yang

Public Relations/Historian:

Brooke Renton


Senior graphic design major with a minor in dance

Margaret Takahashi


Haley Miller


Senior kinesiology major/ Pre-OT

Kimberly Brown

Risk Reduction & Education: 

Emily Brossette


Senior fashion merchandising major with a minor in business administration


Academic Achievement: 

Melanie Frederic


Junior biology major with a minor in sociology

Daniel Aiko

House Manager: 

Natalie Marse


Junior public relations major with a minor in Spanish

Sara Zhao

Panhellenic Delegate: 

Hope Quigley


Junior public relations major


why we chose zeta:

I chose Zeta because I knew I was not just a number, I knew from the second round of recruitment that I was walking into a sisterhood that was going to love and accept every unique part about me. I never felt uncomfortable coming around the house and have always been encouraged to not only be myself, but my best self. I have the best and most supportive sisters I could ask for, and that is really what I needed coming to this dream university. It made LSU a home.
My favorite part about Zeta is the amount of leadership and involvement oppourtunities that are provided to our chapter. ZTA has recognized leadership quallities in me that I did not even see in myself and, in turn, I hope to do the same for future members.
— Molly
My favorite part about Zeta is how it brought me such great people. I have met some of my best friends through Zeta, and I know that without this membership I would struggle to find study groups, let alone best friends. My favorite part of each day is after dinner at the Zeta house when I can sit downstairs in the dining room and talk and laugh with my friends. Zeta has taught me and continues to teach me to be a little more outgoing and I thank my lucky stars for this daily. Everyone is so supportive, helpful, and encouraging, and they make sure I know that I’m valued.
— Caroline
My favorite part about Zeta is the huge amount of diversity we offer in our chapter. All of our members are very unique which provides an oppotunity for everyone to form a friendship in this chapter and to never feel left out or alone. This has provided me an opportunity to develop friendships with girls very different from me.
— Emily
I chose Zeta because from the moment that I walked through the door, I could tell that each and every one of the girls in the room truly loved and cared about one another. I came in to college looking for a sense of belonging and a group of girls who would build each other up throughout some of the most important years of our lives. I have truly found that here at Zeta. These girls have become my sisters and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Through having the opportunity to be on our Executive Council, I have been able to give back to the chapter that has given me some of the most amazing years of my life.
— Marissa
My favorite part of Zeta is how comfortable I feel around everyone and how easy it is to be myself. Zeta has brought me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to so many great people. I value everyone I have met and everything I have learned at Zeta. At the end of each day, I look forward to laughing with all of my friends at the Zeta house.
— Natalie
My favorite part about Zeta is the way in which each of our members are so uniquely themselves but at the same time we are bonded by a common purpose and our sisterhood in ZTA. No matter background, state, or age, Zeta is a community of supporting women who I know will be there for me in my best and worst times. It is an experience that lasts a lifetime and a part of me that I am so thankful for each and everyday.
— sarah
I chose Zeta because it was where I felt most myself. The conversations were all genuine and I felt like I belonged here. It was a place I could see myself growing as a person, a friend, and a leader. I found women that would be there for me and lift me up. Zeta was where I felt truly understood and I never looked back.
— Bobbi
I chose Zeta because I knew this was the place I could call home. I have met so many lifelong friends and have gained so much confidence through being a member. Because of Zeta, I have become the person I was meant to be, and that is the most rewarding thing yet.
— Brooke
My favorite part about Zeta is how comfortable I feel with people. I can be myself and I always have someone to talk to or vent with or laugh with. Everyone here is rooting for my success and it is such an amazing thing to be a part of.
— Corinne
I had heard about Zeta my entire life, since my mom, aunt, and grandmother were all Zetas at LSU. I chose Zeta during recruitment not just because of my family, but because it felt like home everytime I walked through the door. I found girls who accepted me and welcomed me with open arms, and everything I had heard from my mom about the sisterhood and the love had become true to me. I’m so grateful for a sisterhood that lived up to my impossibly high standards and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
— Haley
My favorite part of Zeta is how welcomed I felt immediately, and how welcomed I continue to feel. I have never in my life felt a stronger sense of belonging to a place or a group of people. My strengths and successes always matter to someone, and when I’m feeling down there’s always someone to lean on. The community of sisterhood present in Zeta Tau Alpha is so insanely special to me, and it makes me feel so special to everyone else as well.
— Mel
My favorite part of Zeta is the friends and connection I have made since becoming a member. I have such unique people, and some people I know I will have for the rest of my life. I know I can walk into Zeta and have a conversation with anyone around. Everyone truly becomes friends with anyone, no matter what age. Zeta has been such an amazing expereince for me that I will forever be grateful for.
— Hope